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Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering
Modeling & Meshing
ENGENESIS' engineering team manages the life cycle of design projects to support new product development, legacy data conversion and engineering analysis.
Our expertise with managing and executing projects globally enables our customers to leverage the cost advantages and access our 24-hour engineering clock. Our structured approach to projects ensures that the CAD files we deliver meet data format requirements. Our experience in drafting ensures that engineering drawings adhere to client conventions and global standards.
ENGENESIS' meshing experts provide finite element models using mapped mesh to suit various analysis requirements. We use standard codes to write input files for leading analysis packages. Our engineers use automation tools and macros extensively to build parametric meshes.
Computer Aided Engineering
ENGENESIS employs state-of-the art tools for design and analysis. Design Optimization techniques are often used to add value to the customer. Engineers are trained to provide high quality services while being cost-effective. ENGENESIS provides the following CAE services:
Linear & Non-linear Static Analysis
2D and 3D Transient Thermal Analysis - Conduction, Convection, Radiation
Dynamic Analysis: Modal Analysis, Harmonic Response Analysis, Transient Dynamic Analysis
Drop/Impact Analysis
CFD Analysis
Plastic Flow Simulation
ENGENESIS provides professional, cost-effective simulation and analysis of plastic flow. The range of our support includes solutions to molding defects such as warpage, sink marks and weld lines. We help optimize tool design by suggesting improvements in runner balancing, cavity balancing, and cooling layout. To ensure defect free molding, our experts are available to advise optimization of process parameters and also help achieve higher productivity by lowering cycle time. A spinoff from this exercise reduces shot weight translating to significant savings in direct material cost.
Engineering Software Tools
ANSYS, AutoCAD, CFX, LS-DYNA, Moldflow, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, StarCD and Unigraphics.
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